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Get ready for the next

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Digital Agenda
Copenhagen, 1 March 2018

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Get ready for the next digital era

Digital Agenda 2018 is one of the largest and most ambitious conferences in the Nordics on digital transformation. We ignite new thinking, enhance networking and boost your knowledge in the digital space. Are you ready to embrace the opportunities before your competitors do? 

This year’s Digital Agenda programme will provide inspiration and tools to embrace the digital challenge. We electrify the possibilities and see beyond the hype while focusing on creating value.

Businesses need to innovate to stay competitive and identify both threats and opportunities of digitalisation. A successful digital transformation relies on reinventing your business, transforming customer engagement, optimizing processes and enabling your workforce to work smarter. 

Absorb the knowledge and get ready to step into the next digital era.


At Digital Agenda an array of international and domestic experts will enlighten you with the latest and deepest insights into the digital transformation.

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Garry Kasparov

Chess champion, AI authority, best-selling author

speaker portrait

Bertrand Piccard

Global adventurer, aeronaut and scientist

speaker portrait

Lone Fønss Schrøder

International business woman and board expert

speaker portrait

Hermann Haraldsson



speaker portrait

Soulaima Gourani

International speaker, author and global advisor

speaker portrait

Henrik Zillmer

CEO and founder


speaker portrait

Susanne Mørch Koch


Danske Spil

speaker portrait

Mads Kaagaard

Group CCO 

PFA Pension

speaker portrait

Lars Christian Christensen

Vice President


speaker portrait

Jan Madsen

Executive Vice President

Coop Denmark

speaker portrait

Hans van Grieken

EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader


speaker portrait

Geert Reyniers

VP, Digital Health
Novo Nordisk

speaker portrait

Andreas Berggreen

Development and Simplification Agency

speaker portrait

David Sneddon

Director, Export and International Growth, EMEA 


speaker portrait

Frank B. Strickland Jr.

Former member

CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service

speaker portrait

Jonathan Løw

Founder of Listen Louder

speaker portrait

Antonio Senatore

Chief technical architect, EMEA Blockchain LAB


speaker portrait

Peter Loof Helth

Head of Robotics Excellence Centre


speaker portrait

Mikkel Holme

Director, Head of Value Realization, Digital Consumer Engagement
LEGO Group

speaker portrait

Rolf Nielsen

Technical Lead BI/DWH, 3C Retail

speaker portrait

Dr Marc Teerlink

Global Vice President SAP Leonardo, AI & New Markets

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“We live in a time of radical change”Jim Hagemann Snabe


Absorb the knowledge and get ready to step into the next digital era. We have picked out subjects that are top of mind in businesses today. The topics of the day will give you the overall perspective and make you feel equipped and ready for the digital challenges. 

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Digital business models and transformation

Are you ready to change your business model to get ahead in the digital era? Reinventing your business poses several challenges. You can choose between altering your existing business model or transforming it completely. Either way you need to embrace the new technologies to transform your business and create new revenue streams. This theme addresses how your organisation navigates in this rapidly changing world of opportunities and threats.

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Robotics and cognitive automation

We know the robots are coming. Actually, we know there are already here. However, how do we use them to improve our businesses and find new revenue streams? This theme explores the possibilities of both robotic and cognitive automation. Automation is a big wave in business optimisation and it will drive significant cost savings and quality improvements for companies everywhere.

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Emerging technologies

We use them to activate our data and they play a key role in the digital transformation. Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, blockchain and internet of things can process an ocean of new insight, interactions and possibilities that will revolutionise our lives and businesses. This theme gives you the latest insight into the digital tools for our future.

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Digital customer engagement

Channels and customer touchpoints are constantly multiplying. Today’s digital customer engagement is contextual and personal - and should be based not just on who the customers are, but where they are, what they have done, and what they are likely to want next. This relation-driven interaction is at the core of digital business. We dive into the aspects of the digital customer engagement focusing on concrete solutions for you and your business.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Predicting the future has naturally an immense potential. Machine learning processes company data and finds patterns in order to predict what will happen next. Around the globe, many industries are realizing the huge scope of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This theme invites you into your digital future that holds both possibilities and threats.


This year, you can attend Prototyping the future workshops and dive deeper into the digital transformation issues. Maybe you need an update on machine learning or the innovation approach in design thinking.


Digital strategy

Create a strategy. You have done it a million times. However, when you add the word digital, a number of questions come to mind. Do you have a clear vision of how you use your company data? Do you dare to take an experimental approach or do you cling to traditional business cases? This workshop offers you the latest knowledge of how to implement a digital strategy and gives you the opportunity to brainstorm on your specific needs.



Imagine choosing between a whole crowd and the usual suspects: multiple candidates who are all committed to your needs at a lower price. Crowdsourcing allows you to outsource problem solving and your production process to a network of people. This interactive workshop invites you to reflect and brainstorm: Could crowdsourcing be a solution for my organisation? How do I get started?



What’s the fuzz about? You have not been able to avoid hearing about the new kid in town. Blockchain is not only relevant for financial transactions, it revolutionises the way we do business. This workshop cuts through the hype and gives you tangible insights into how blockchain can be relevant from your business perspective.


Machine learning

Machine learning is hyped – and for good reasons. It is key in many cognitive technologies, and the development in technologies and algorithms opens new business opportunities. Text and images become available data sources for analyses and predictions and open the whole area of Dark Analytics. Another example of how machine learning as an old discipline has reached a new revival is that machine learning in combination with nudging is a proven approach against fraud. Join the workshop and get inspired on how to benefit from the hype.


Design Thinking

Design has moved from being the latest off-the-rack suit and now affects the world of services as well. Major companies have already recognised the value of Service Design, but what’s all the buzz about and how does it create real value? This interactive session will provide you with insights and tools to understand the Service Design process and inspire you to see its potential value from your own business perspective.



Mobility is more than loving your iPhone. It’s all about empowering your workforce and enabling them to deliver excellent service as well as increased productivity. How do you succeed in bringing the right information at the right time into the palms of your workforce in an intuitive and efficient manner? This workshop gives you insights in mobility and invites you to brainstorm on the subject.

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“The more you know about solving a problem, the less you will embrace new solutions.”

Stefan Hyttfors, 2016 speaker

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"The bottom line is that people are seeking answers and direction, not messages or sales pitches"

Brian Solis, 2016 speaker



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Date + venue

1 March 2018. 09:00-18:30.

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Arni Magnussons Gade 2
1557 Copenhagen V